• GOST 1050-88. The graded rolling, calibrated with specific surface finish made from the quality carbon constructional steel (technical conditions).
• GOST 1435-99. The rods, sheets and bundles made from tool non-doped steel (general technical conditions).
• GOST 14959-79. The rolling made from spring carbon ad doped steel. (technical conditions).
• GOST 19265-73. The rods and sheets made from the rapid steel (technical conditions).
• GOST 19265-73. The thermostable steel (technical conditions).
• GOST 3836-83. The electrical alloyed thin sheeted steel and belts. (technical conditions).
• GOST 4405-75.The hot-rolled steel strips and hammered tool steel.
• GOST 4543-71. The rolling from the alloyed constructional steel (technical conditions).
• GOST 5632-72. The high alloyed steel and corrosion and heat-resistant alloys (the grades).
• GOST 5950-2000. The rods, strips and bundles made from alloyed tool steel (the general technical conditions).
• GOST 801-78. The ball bearing steel (the technical conditions) .
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