.jpgShaped steel sheet are fabricated according to GOST 24045-94.
Steel sheet cold-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations (profiled sheeting) are made on the roll-forming machines and designed for use in construction and other branches.

Profiled sheeting is classified in accordance with
• purpose;
• basic material;
• existence of decorative lacquer coating.

According to purpose a profiled sheeting is divided into types for:
• roof deck (N);
• deck and wall envelope (NC);
• wall envelope (C).

According with basic material profiled sheeting is divided into:

• galvanized thin sheet steel of GOST 14918 (no marks);

• thin sheet steel of TOR 14-1-247-88 (mark ATs);

• galvalume thin sheet steel with alumosilicic deck of TOR 14-11-236-88 (mark A and AK);

• think steel sheet with electrozinc finish deck of TOR 14-1-4695-39 (mark EZD);

According with existence of decorative lacquer coating profiled sheeting is divided into:
• sheets without lacquer coating;
• sheets with lacquer coating of GOST 30246 (mark of lacquer materials is required).

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