Callibrated steel, silver steel.

     1051-73.jpgCalibrated steel manufactured according to the GOST 1051-73 by cold rolling mill or hot rolling mill drawing. Due to the additional of secondary treatment calibrated steel has more accurate cross-section sizing. For highly accurate types of calibrated rolling the grinding, polishing and other methods of finishing are used, which increase the accuracy of the sizing and decrease the surface roughness.
Calibrated steel is manufactured in a work hardened or heat-treated conditions (for fast-machine steel -12, -20 etc. - in work hardened).
The manufacturing of calibrated steel comprises of carbon and alloyed, quality constructional fast machine, carbon tool, stainless, heat-resistant* and thermostable steel production.
The length of metal rods from 3 to 6 meters. The range of steel products:

  • • Round steel bar GOST 7417-75
  • • Steel hex bar GOST 8560-75 (steel shaped section – TU);
  • • Steel square bar - 8559-75 or steel shaped section 14-1-1271-75 ;
  • • Flat rolled steel - GOST 8787-68 (bright drawn steel for keys) or shaped section steel 14-1-1271-75 .

Round steel bars with specific surface finishing (silver steel) is manufactured according to the GOST 14955. Specific surface finishing on a round steel bars is achieved by removal of surface layer. Round steel bars can be work hardened or heat-treated.

The length of metal rods:

  • • From 0,7 to 1m - at d 0,2 - 0,6mm inclusive;
  • • From 1 to 1,5m- at d 0,6 - 2 mm inclusive;
  • • From 1,5 to 2m - at d 2 - 3 mm inclusive;
  • • From 1,9 to 3,5m - at d 3 – 9 mm inclusive;
  • • From 1,9 to 4m - at d above 9 mm

The diameter of metal rods stays within the range from 0.2 to 30mm.

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