The Metal Wire

.JPGThe wire is long metal item used as a raw material* to manufacture metal nets, springs, ropes, electric wire, electrodes and etc.

According to the GOST 2333-74 the metal wire can be classified by the following categories:

  • • by the shape:
  • • by the condition of finishing surface;
  • • by chemical composition;
  • • by mechanical properties and other features.

The Commercial Wire

The commercial wire manufactured according to the GOST 3282-74 has diameter from 0,16 to 10mm from heat-treated, non-heat treated, light, black (with a mill scale), zink-plated, 1st and 2nd grade with or without rod coating and also from low-carbon steel acoording to the GOST 1050-74 .

The Spring Wire

The spring wire is manufactured according to the following standards:

  • • GOST 9389-75 ;
  • • The carbon steels with carbon content from 0.4 to 1.0% are used to produce this wire. (alloys close to steel 70-60,65, 65G, 70 etc)
  • • GOST 14963-78 ;
  • • To manufacture steel alloyed spring wire the steel of 602, 652 and etc. grades is used.
  • • Alternatively the spring wire (GOST 9389-75 and GOST 14963-78) if often called piano wire.
  • • GOST 11850-72 .
  • • The wire for spring washers is manufactured from 65G grade steel.
  • • The spring wire is classified by the following categories:
  • • By mechanical properties (the tensile strength* (rupture strength), number of folds, number of torsions) for 4 grades. The 2nd grade spring wire has higher tensile strength than the 1st grade’s.
  • • By the accuracy of manufacture (average degree of accuracy and high degree of accuracy)

The Graded Wire produced from Constructional Steel.

The cold-finished, non-heat treated wire is produced according to the 16. GOST 17305-71 from steel grades: 08kp, Ct10, Ct10pc, Ct15kp, Ct20, Ct35, Ct40 and Ct50.

Low Carbon Quality Wire (locking wire )

The wire is manufactured according to the GOST 792-67 (light wire comes without coating (KS) and zinc-coated. That wire is used to lock the attaching parts.

The Wire for reinforcement– reinforcement wire.

The wire for the reinforcement is manufactured according to the GOST 6727-80 , TU 14-4-1648-90 .
The reinforcement wire is split into two categories:
• - I The cold finished low carbon steel wire for the non-prestressed reinforcement (the regular reinforcement wire).
• – II The cold-finished low carbon steel wire for the stressed reinforcement (the high strength reinforcement wire)
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