Universal beam, channel

Universal beam


This group of metal products includes hot-rolled I-beams (H beam) that are fabricated according to GOST 535-88.

I-beams are divided to:

I-beams with parallel flange edges:

· – standard (20, and etc);

· - broad-flange beam (20and etc);

· – column (20 and etc.).

Dimensions of I-beams with parallel flange edges can conform to GOST 26020-83, as well as to technical specification 20-93 belonging to Nizhnetagilsk Metallurgical Plant - the main producer of H/I beams in Russia.

I-beams with tapered flange:

Standard (with 6-12% fillet of inner flange edges) GOST 8239-89 : 10, 12, 14, 16 and etc.;

Dimensions of these I-beams conform to GOST 8239-89.

· Special (M and C)

· M – for overhead rails (fillet of inner flange edges is not more than 12%):18, 24, 30 and etc..;

· C – for reinforcing of mine shafts (fillet of inner flange edges is not more than 16%):14. 20 and etc...

Dimensions of these I-beams conform to GOST 19425-74.

The number of beam fits its relative size (depth/height) in sm.

For example: standard I-beam 301 – h (beam depth/height) = 269 mm, standard I-beam 302 – h = 299 mm. All other dimensions like flange width, web thickness and etc. shall conform to GOST.

Minimum number of I-beam is 10, maximum - 100 (1004). Greater or smaller I-beams can be fabricated by manufacturer only on special request.

Beam size is the distance between outer flange edges.

I-beams are used in concrete-panel, industrial and civil construction activities to erect floor structures, column steel structures, supports and overhead rails.



This group of metal products includes hot-rolled and roll-formed channel.

Channel is a metal product of U-shaped section.

Mainly channels are fabricated of hot workpiece on a section mill.

Channels are categorized as follows:

Hot-rolled steel channels

This type of channel is manufactured according to GOST 535-88 with tapered flanges or parallel flanges: 10, 10 and etc. A taper angle should not exceed 10%.

Dimensions of steel hot-rolled channel conform to GOST 8240-89.

The number of hot-rolled channel fits its size (distance between outer flange edges) in sm.

For example: Channel # 10 – distance between edges of this channel is 10 sm. All other dimensions like flange width, web thickness and etc are according to GOST (as specified in reference book table).

A channel with “A” letter in the end of its number (14A) is a channel with taper angled flange edges, but one if its flanges is wider and therefore weight of a linear meter is more than of a standard channel (without letter).

Special types of hot-rolled steel channels are:

· Special channel for car industry — GOST 19425-74 (18C, 20C, etc.);

· Special channel for rail carriage building — GOST 5267.1-90 (8B,14B, 18B).

Roll-formed steel channels (equal and non-equal):

Roll-formed steel channels (roll-formed section) are manufactured according to GOST 11474-76 on roll-forming machines from cold- and hot-rolled steel of standard quality, high quality structural carbon steel and low-alloy steel.

Dimensions of roll-formed channel are the following:

· For equal channels — acc. to GOST 8278-89;

· For non-equal channels — acc. to GOST 8281-80.

The number of these channels fits their size in mm.

For example: 40322,5, where 40 – distance between flanges (mm), 32 – flange width (mm), 2,5 – web thickness (mm).

The appearance of a roll-formed channel differs from a hot-rolled one, as it has a rounded outer corner.
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