Seamless cold deformed steel pipes.


This group of metal products includes cold-formed and warm-formed pipes of general purpose made of carbon and alloyed steel fabricated as per external diameter, wall thickness and length.

Pipe schedule conforms to GOST 8734-78.

Depending on proportion of external diameter () to wall thickness (s) these pipes are classified as:

· Extremely thin-walled - /s more than 40; pipe diameter is 20 mm and wall is 0.5 mm or lesser;

· Thin-walled - /s from 12.5 to 40 ; pipe diameter is 20 mm or lesser with 1.5mm wall

· Thick-walled - /s from 6 to 12.5;

· Extremely thick-walled - /s lesser than 6

Pipes shall be manufactured of the following length:

· Off-gauge length –from 1.5 to 11.5m

· gauge length – from 4.5 to 9m with +10 mm length limit deviations

· multiple gauge length – from 1.5 to 9m with 5 mm allowance for each cut

Depending on their quality characteristics, pipes shall be fabricated of the following groups :

· - with normalization of chemical composition; made of dead-melted steel of grades conforming to GOST 1050 , GOST 14959 , GOST 4543 GOST 19281 ;

· – with normalization of mechanical characteristics checked on heat-treated samples and chemical composition; steel grades conforming to GOST 1050 , GOST 14959 , GOST 4543 and GOST 19281.Norms of mechanical characteristics shall comply with requirements of the corresponding standards specified for steel.

· – without normalization of mechanical characteristics or chemical composition, but with normalization of hydraulic test pressure.

· E – after special heat treatment. Steel grades, heat treatment conditions and norms of mechanical characteristics are stipulated by duly approved documentation.

Pipes are fabricated with application of heat-treatment. Pipes are fabricated without heat treatment if the proportion of their external diameter to the thickness of the wall equals 50 or more.

Cold-formed pipes bend very well. These pipes of small diameter are widely used to fabricate furniture and electric light fittings
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