The Alluminium and Alluminium Alloys.

.jpgThe aluminium is silver-white ductile metal.
Is delivered as:
1. primary aluminium. Grades 999 (99,99% of aluminium and impurities not more than 0,0001%), 995, 99;97 and etc.
2. aluminium powder, dust and foil;
3. silumin – the aluminium and silica alloy ()
4. duralumin (dural) – the aluminium, copper and manganese alloy (16, 16);
5. magnalium – the alloy of aluminium and manganese ();
6. The aluminium and manganese alloys ().
The aluminium and its alloys are prone to cold and hot deformation – mill, forging, press, drawing, folding, sheet stamping and etc.
Depending on application the aluminium alloys are divided into:
7. casting
8. deforming – up to 80% of all aluminium production.
The deforming aluminium alloys are delivered as sheet mill (primarily) of conditional profile of assorted rods, wire and pipes (mostly pressed).
The application of some aluminium alloys:
The corrosion resistant alloys, types , 2, 6 are highly ductile has good welding capacity and are highly corrosion resistant. The alloys are used in annealed, cold-worked and semi-coled worked and heat-treatment is not applied.
The alluminium alloys are used to produce tubes for oil and petrol, tractor radiators and and cars, welded petrol tanks, rivets, mast housing and ships etc.
The aluminium mill inclusively.

The Bars

The aluminium bars are manufactured as per GOST17232-99 from aluminium grades: 7, 6, 5, with chemical composition as per GOST 11069 ; , , , 1 with chemical composition as per GOST 4784 ; from aluminium alloy grades: , , 2, , 5, , 1915, , 1, 16, 95, 4-1 with chemical composition as per GOST 4784 ; 19, 20, 1.
The bars are subdivided into:
  • by the method of manufacture: plated and non-plated: with technological plating and regular plating;
  • by the accuracy of manufacture and depth: average accuracy, high accuracy.
The slabs are made without trimming the side edges.

The Rods

The rods made from aluminium and aluminium alloys (round, square, hexagonal) are produced according to requirements as per GOST 21488-97 with average, high and extreme-high accuracy; without heat treatment (hot-pressed), soft (burned), heat treated and naturally weathered, heat-treated and artificially weathered with average and high accuracy.

The Sheets

The sheets made from aluminium and aluminium alloys are produced as per GOST 21631-76 .
The sheets are subdivided into two categories :
• by the method of manufacture: non-plated, plated, with normal and thick plating ;
• by the material conditions:
• non-thermally treated;
• annealed
• semi-cold worked
• cold worked
• forged and naturally weathered
• forged and artificially weathered
• hard drawn after forging and natural weathering.
• Based on the quality of surface processing the sheets are divided into: high quality finish, low-high quality finish, average finish ;
• By the accuracy of manufacture:
• High accuracy by depth, width, length or one or more of the characteristics mentioned;
• Average accuracy by the depth, width, length.

The Pipes

The pressed pipes made from aluminium and aluminium alloys are manufactured as per GOST 18482-79 with outer diameter - 18-300mm, width of walls - 1,5-40mm made from aluminium grades: 0, 1, and aluminium alloys , 2, , 1,16, 6, 95 and etc.
The aluminium pipes are delivered: non-thermally treated, annealed, forged and naturally weathered.
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