.jpg• Tin is a soft ductile silvery-white metal, not easily oxidized and resists corrosion. Tin is commonly used as protective coating material, major component of babbits, solders, bronzes, typemetals and etc.
• Tin provided by GOST 860-75 falls into two categories:
• VHF – 000* (Sn content not less than 99,999%) – is used for semi-conductive appliances and etc.;
• 01 fc (Sn content not less than 99,915%) – is used for tin plating and etc.;
• 01 (Sn content not less than 99,9%) – is used for babbits, solder alloys, tin powder, pipe foil, plating of kitchen utensils production in ingots 24-26kg.
• The first category:
• 03 (98,48% Sn and up to 1% Pb) – is used for the solders salts in ingots (24-26kg) manufacture.
• 04 (96,43% Sn and up to 3% Pb) – is used for the solders, babbits and alloys production and grey iron modification in the ingots.

The Solders

The solders are the additives (alloys) which are capable to fill the gap in between soldered parts in melted condition and form non-disassemble solid connection when solidifying.
The grades, chemical composition, properties and solders application are defined by GOST 21930-76.
The solders are delivered as round wire, belt, triangleand round rods, round tubes filled with flux and powder as per GOST 21931-76 .
Types of solders:
• – 90 – for the soldering of internal joints of cook ware and medical equipment;
• 4-4 – for soldering in the car industry.

The Babbitt

The Babbitt is the oldest (from 1839s)and most commonly used until present, antifrictional, fusible, tear-free ductile heterogeneous alloys, which composition based on tin and lead with harder impurities They are used to manufacture bearings. The ductile base (tin, lead) provides for uniform adhesion and running-in of bearing to the shaft while solid inclusions (copper, antimony, nickel etc.) serve as direct support ensuring low friction and wear.
Chemical composition and grades of babbits comply with:
• tin and lead-base babbits - GOST 1320-74 ,
• calcium babbits - GOST 1209-90 .
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