Renovated pipe


Pipe renovation process includes several stages:

    1. Mechanical cleaning – insulation is removed from a pipe to expose its metal surface. As the result the pipe can be utilized for pilling, sheet pilling or other types of production not requiring a pipe of decorative quality.

    2. Sandblasting – a pipe surface treatment process from inside and outside by means of a special equipment. A sandblasted pipe appears to be finely cleaned and renovated.

    3. Processing on mechanized line – mechanical processing of external pipe surface and removal of “deposit” from internal surface; bevel is cut by using plasma machine.

    4. Beveling – dismantled previously used pipe has uneven ends. These pipe ends are cut by special equipment. There are three types of bevel:

    o Orbit. Bevel is cut by “Orbit”-type device and gas-welding equipment.
    o Plasma. Almost the same as the abovementioned “Orbit”, but cutting is done by air plasma torch. A bevel appears to be smooth. Air plasma cutting method is used also at manufacturing plants (Chelyabinsk Pipe Production Plant, Novomoskovsk Pipe Production Plant).
    o Mechanical. Bevel is cut by pipe cutting machines of various designs. This method is used at Pipe Production Plants.

      Differential peculiarities of our production

      o We use raw materials of high quality: an insulated used pipe that was previously utilized with electrocorrosion protection (essential requirements are: absence of bents, presence of all necessary conditions to start treatment process)

      o We dismantle pipes on-site using our own resources which makes possible for us to select materials compatible with our requirements and reduce the cost of the final product.
      o Mechanized line for cleaning pipes allows to save time and ensures qualitative result;
      o Bevel can be cut using any of three types depending on Client’s requirements;

        Price policy of our company

        Like other members of secondary market of metal products, we determine price according to pipe quality and contract trading volume. Since we know from our experience that every single pipe has to be thoroughly checked prior to any conclusions are made, we intentionally do not specify prices. Please contact us and our managers will be glad to explain You the details. Having inspected the pipe You can count on special conditions of our deal (discount, deferred payment, bonuses ect.).

        If by any reason, You place great emphasis on price aspect of the deal, then by addressing us You will receive favorable and flexible terms for our further cooperation.

        It is comfortable to work with us – we are always financially reliable. We are always open for cooperation and ready to offer favorable terms to our new Partners. Working with us You will really appreciate high reliability of our company as Your business partner.

        Further pipe application is greatly determined by the quality of a renovated pipe. And our company is able to provide renovated pipes of excellent quality with mechanically cut facets, The quality of our pipe is almost the same as of stale (new) pipe, while the cost is 2-3 times cheaper.

        Price list includes both renovated pipes as well as previously used ones. We do not act as intermediate agents and therefore supplies are guaranteed in big scopes.
        To make our work process effective, big scopes of pipe are always available in warehouse stock of our company. These pipes are ready to be shipped in any minute. Materials are delivered within a short time by any method convenient for You. Pipes can be transported by special trucks of our own. Delivery though out the region is made by means of automobile transportation with the cheapest fares as well as by railway transport,
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