Tips for Buyers

So, You need to purchase a pipe. If it is a large-diameter pipe that it would be reasonable to review the possibility of choosing something worthy on the second market. If You have read the above articles of this section then You can determine by Yourself what do You need. In case of any doubts, please call the companies in Your region to get consulted. Explain why You need this pipe and ask is there something they can offer You. If they offer something specific, ask them where You can take a look at this pipe. Do not bargain on the phone. If they offer You nothing, then try to ask them if they can give You a piece of advice regarding what should You be looking for and at what price. Don’t ask about where. Likely they will send You to their competitors. You should call several companies. Phone numbers are available in the Internet. Your primary goal is not to find a pipe but to understand what kind of pipe You need and how much it might cost.

This way is more productive than searching though advertisement boards. Having spent quite a bit of time, You will certainly find something suitable at first glance. How can You tell that You have groped something worthy? The best way to understand this is the price. If the price meets Your characteristics, then the possibility of success is high. If the price is low then most probably this is not something You need. Too expensive is not possible. On the spot You can always agree on a minimum market price.

Then You will visit workshops. Previously used pipes should not be purchased without prior inspection. This is the most important thing. Everything promised to You by phone or in advertisement almost always has little to do with the reality. If You found the pipe right for You in terms of quality characteristics than it is better to stop the search or at least not to procrastinate this process. It would be better to bargain. Searching for the cheapest option will surely bring You to the area of extreme risk: either they will get the money out of You asking for an advanced payment and supply nothing, or they will supply pipe of quality that was not discussed/specified, or the pipe will have hidden defects (covered with welding, paint and others concealed defects etc).

You should be careful during the payment process. If You don’t know Your counterparty very well You should not rush with an advanced payment. Try to preplan Your deal a little bit. Try to make inquiries. You can conclude a contract specifying some penalties (though it is not much helpful in our time). The Contract shall carefully specify the quality of the previously used pipe. It is always better to pay in parts. All of the abovementioned is obvious.

Please, do not forget that a Seller of previously used pipe is always strung up expecting trick from Your side. Therefore don’t count too much to get some supplier’s credit. Common practice-what is paid is shipped. As a rule, the relations are getting much warmer after the first shipment is done; trust starts to grow. Work becomes easy and enjoyable. Look for long-term partners!
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